Want to own your own Medical Practice? Read this first!

Integrity Health Center provides fully functional physician’s executive clinical suites tailored to each Doctors specialty and needs. Our clinics offer numerous patient examination rooms, as well as luxurious patient waiting area fully equipped with amenities.

The clinics are fully staffed with certified registered nurses, scribes, medical assistants, secretaries, and an office manager.  Our clinics will provide competent electronic coding, billing, and collection services.  Each patient examination room will be fully equipped for patient care.  We will work with each Physician to ascertain that all of their needs are met.  Our goal for each physician is to “Be the Doctor, we’ll handle the rest.”


IWC Health Solutions – Leasing Executive Clinical Suites to suit any Physician’s needs!

Physician practices in need of medical office space for lease are unlike general offices that relocate often. With rising competition for new patients steering physician practices to non-hospital campus locations, they seek more conveniently accessible locations for their patients.

This tendency is apparent in the increased development of urgent care clinics and smaller suburban medical office projects in communities around Texas. It is prevalent to see healthcare providers take medical office space in retail centers, typically within convenient distance hospital campuses.

While there are plenty of open spaces that could potentially become medical clinics, many physicians are weary of the costs and complications of starting their own clinic. From furnishing the facility to staffing it and ensuring that the space is up to code & medically compliant, there are many issues to consider.

 For physicians who wish to practice medicine without the difficulties of owning their own practices, the solution for North Texas Practitioners is the IWC Health Solutions Clinic. IWC Health Solutions is a facility that provides space for an ever-growing physicians group with a wide range of specialties.

Furnished and fully-staffed, our facilities are ideal for Physicians to move or expand their practice at their convenience.  This is also a much more cost-effective option than opening a privately-owned clinic as it significantly reduces the upfront costs associated with fitting out and furnishing a clinic. The leasing process is an equally cost-effective and convenient process.

At IWC Health Solutions, the physician can choose which days or half days they wish to use the clinic – only paying for the times they are using it. Many specialties only require a few days a week at an actual clinic, while the rest is spent at a surgical center.  Surgically-based specialties will especially appreciate this clinics location as it is right down the street from an Ambulatory Day Surgical Center, the Integrity Wellness Center.

Promoting a Physicians thriving and ever-expanding practice is an additional cost and headache that most practitioners would rather not handle themselves.  Inclusive in the costs of leasing the clinic, the IWC Health Solutions group has a marketing department that will handle the promotion and maintenance of the Doctors’ online presence.

All-inclusive costs for easy budgeting and innovative executive medical suites designed to accommodate any physicians medical practice, this space gives practitioners the option to stay agile in an organized and inspiring environment.


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